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MackFri - 124

MackFri® - 124
ASHRAE Name : R-124

The Blends for replacement of R-12 and R-114.

Non-combustible gas. When contacting with flame, it is decomposed with generation of high-toxic products.

Similar : SUVA-124, Genetron-124, FE-241

Physical properties:
Molecular weight
Boiling point under 1.013x105Pa,0C
Density of liquuid at 250C,g/cm3
Vapor pressure at 250C,MPa
Critical temperature, 0C
Critical pressure, MPa
Critical density, g/cm3
Latent heat of vaporization at bp., KJ/Kg  
Solubility in water at 250C, % by weight
Specific heat, liquid, 250C, KJ/Kg.0C

Ozone-Depletion Potential (ODR)  
Global Warming Potential (GWP)

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