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Recently I have heard with an astonishment, that split-systems and window conditioners do not take fresh air from the street. Tell me , please, whether there are conditioners, which can not only cool, but also ventilate the premises?

- Yes, there are. But one should not forget, that ventilation can be made in different ways. It is possible to organize not only inflow but also extraction of the air. Window air conditioner operates just in this way, and it moves off up to 10 per cent of passed air. If a condensing premise is not equipped with glass packs, fresh air starts to absorb through the looseness in windows and doors.

More difficult case is the utilization of split-systems of cassette and canal type, which allow the connection of airway, emergent at the street. In order to create in it enough fresh air one usually uses the additional ventilator, behind which he/she puts the filter and air intake. The single shortcoming minus of such decision is that for its realization it is obligatory to have a counter ceiling.

And finally, conditioners, used in large buildings: central condensing systems, VRF-systems make provision for a fresh air's supply.

Up to which minimal temperature it is possible to cool air with the help of split-system?

- In majority of air conditioners it is limited by a reasonable boundary +17-18 degrees. But if you are a confirmed " winter-swimmer" and even this is hot for you, buy a window air conditioner. Not only the temperature is adjustable in it , but also the strength of cooling process, and that is why the possibility of making air even more cold appears.

Last time I often meet the advertisements of air conditioners of humidifier type. It is affirmed that they are in 10 times cheaper than ordinary split-systems and unlike the last ones it can humidify the air. Can you describe these devices in details?

At once I would like to make a reservation: climatic centers, which sometimes are archly called conditioners of humidifier type have no connection with conditioners. At least by the reason that they are not able to support the given temperature in the premises. Cooler can temporarily cool air for 2-4 degrees due to the moisture evaporation ( one can reach the same effect while waving the wet towel). But several hours later the humidity will reach 95-100 per cent and the temperature will rise again. Soon it becomes as well hot in the room as it has been before cooler's switching, but in conditions of heightened humidity the heat is even harder endured! Remind how it is in a sultry day before a thunderstorm. You have nothing to breath, you sweat and slave. Just these feelings will gift you "conditioner" of humidifier type.

In this city they propose conditioners which are twice cheaper than in particularized companies. Whether the sellers are making such a twist?

- First of all I will ask these people about the origin of this product. If it arrives from Arabian countries the question is no longer relevant. Most likely they propose you "second hand". Such conditioners are sorted out, repaint and sold to the babes in the mood, who are enough not only in Russia. Top dollar for such conditioner is 200-300 $, as it will not operate more than 2-3 years. Besides no self-respecting company will agree to install it. And this means that you will stay without warrantee, as it is given by a company, which install a conditioner.

The windows of our office face the north. Tell me, please, whether we need a conditioner?

- Only you yourself can decide this. Whether you feel yourself comfortable when the outside temperature is +25 C and more? When the air temperature is high it will be hot everywhere. It is quite another matter when the windows face the north because to create a comfort one needs much less capacity, and that is why office conditioning can cost you much cheaper.

Why in winter when conditioner is switched in a heating mode it starts to give warm air only few seconds later? Sometimes this pause lasts long enough and a feeling that conditioner is a little bit cooling appears. May be it is faulty?

- Everything is o'key. Moreover, you can be pleased that you get a modern model with a mode "Hot Start". Before starting operation under a temperature below zero, such conditioner warms up outside block for it not to become covered with ice. For this purpose it really switches on in the cooling mode, but fans are switched off in this very moment, and that is why one can feel cold only when bringing a hand closely to the outside unit.

In February I have switched on my conditioner in a cooling mode and after a while the water starts to drop from the inside unit. What should I do now?

Do not worry, nothing terrible has happened. When a cooling operation conditioner is moving off moisture from the air. And if a drainage pipe-line is moved out on the street, the ice plug can be formed in it when the temperature is below zero, and this plug can break a normal export. Now it is melted and you can use your split-system again. For such situations not to arise at all it is possible to recommend "warm" drainage. A special cable is used for this, which warms up a drainage pipe-line up to +50°C

It happens that in sunny summer day our conditioner does not save us from heat. In order to cool ourselves we have to move closer to it. Can we do anything?

If at the hottest days, conditioner does not create necessary coolness, in spite of the fact that it constantly operates, its capacity does not cover all warm-matriculations. In this case it is worth to check whether the filters do not become clogged, whether the windows and doors are closed and if some devices, such as boilers and toasters, which produce warm are not switched on.

It is possible to recommend you to hang up thick white jalousie ( heavy curtains will not help!), which will reflect warm and light very well. If this will not help you as well, you will have to change your conditioner on the strongest model.

Tell me, please, which filters are installed in the conditioners and from what do they protect?

- There are the following filters' types: air electrostatic and coal (deodorant). Air - metallic wire mesh, which protects our lungs and heat exchanger from dust and mechanical mixtures. This filter does not demand replacement - it is enough to wash it in the warm water and to vacuum it. Due to electrostatic charge it keeps small charged particles, pollen, bacterium. And, at last, coal (carbon) filter moves off smoke, smells and smallest particles of dust with a size up to 0,0001mm.

How often one should change filters?

It depends on the air's pollution in your region. One matter is if you live out of town and it's quite another matter if your windows face the thoroughfare in the center of Moscow.

In the majority of conditioners the special indicator announces about the necessity of filter's changing. If there is no such indicator, one should orients "by eye", hoping on the life time up to 3-6 months. But sometimes exceptions are happening - specialists have described the cases when the filter has became clogged each two weeks. The reason has been in the low-grade imported carpet, from which the nap falls out like from a dog.

We live in an old house. Whether its wall will stand the outside unit of split-system?

It depends on a block. There are no problems with domestic conditioners usually, and one should take all precautions with big units with the weight about 100 kg and more. The worse variant is when the wall is made of facing brick (with holes) or of the breeze blocks. Nevertheless almost from each situation there is the way out.

I have a conditioner at home. My friend has said that if freon will flow out of it I will have a risk to stay an invalid for the rest of my life. Is it true?

Don't worry for God's sake! Your friend is a panic-monger. When you will meet her for the next time tell her that freon is included in a popular medicine - kameton, which she usually "doughty" sprinkles in her throat while being ill with influenza. And not long ago it has been included in all aerosols, for example, in hair spray. And if we will examine the refrigerator ZIL… In comparison with domestic conditioner it is just a hydrogen bomb!

Air conditioners have been installed in our office and now I always catch a cold, as a cold blast is directed straight on me. Please, suggest what shall I do?

Decision is rather simple. All modern split-systems and window air conditioners have automatic jalousies, which scatter a blast in a vertical direction. In order to make them move one should find the suitable knob on a remote-control station. As a rule it is called "Swing" or "Air flow direction".

If you sit right under a conditioner, a blast should be deflected with a help of vertical jalousies (they are situated straight after the horizontal ones.) In majority of the models their location is regulated manually, but in some conditioners of such brands as Daewoo, Daikin, Fujitsu, Fuji, General the movement of vertical jalousies is done by a remote-control-station.

I am going to purchase a conditioner for myself. Tell me, please, where should I put the liquid from it? Whether it is possible to use it, while looking after the house?

- I do not advise you to drink it, as a distilled water is not tasty. And when a filter becomes logged it is harmful as well, as a dust can fall into a drainage. Besides do not forget that moisture precipitates on the aluminum ribs of heat exchanger, and that is why could include harmful oxides. That is why do not be greedy. It is better to bring out the drainage pipe-line in canalization and to forget about it.

ВYou can move out on the street the water, but in this case it is worth taking care on the warming of drainage pipe-line. If you will not do this, in winter an ice plug will form in it, and water will flow on your favorite carpet. Because of the same danger do not agree to make a condensate tapping in a jar. This will assure you the endless puddles.

I was ready to buy conditioner when suddenly I learnt that they take 20 per cent from the total cost for the installation, plus some aids and appliances. Total sum is 370 USD, isn't it too much?

- No it is not. You should really pay not less than 20-25 per cent in majority of the companies. To console you I can let you know that in Japan and European countries you will pay twice or three times more, up to 70 per cent from the cost of a conditioner.

A friend of mine is working in a company which deals with conditioners. He promised to install conditioner by himself with a fee only - 100 USD. Will I have a warrantee in such case?

- No you won't. A warrantee card is given not by a manufacturer but by a company which is installing you conditioner. That is why while being served by a "skilled craftsman" you are automatically out of any warrantee and free-of-charge- repair. Even if the reason of breakage will be in a plant's defect, to repair a conditioner free of charge or to change it for a new one will be impossible. And if one of the units will require to be changed even your friend will be not able to help you.

I would like to condition my apartment, but I am embarrassed by a given variant: outside blocks of split-systems are suspended over the whole perimeter of a wall. Whether it is possible to take them out on the balcony?

Most likely yes. The majority of modern domestic split-systems allows to hand around inside and outside blocks with a distance up to 12-15 meters, and for some brands - to 25m.

The other suitable variant is the utilization of modern multi-split-systems of a "meccano" type, which allow to select optimal combination for a 2-5 room flat. In this case only one outside block will turn to be situated on a balcony, and total length of connecting pipe-lines will be about 60-70 meters. Such production is manufactured by four companies Airwell, Daikin, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric.

Whether it is possible to install a conditioner by myself?

It depends. If that is a window air conditioner, you are welcomed. Any "long-armed" fellow, who knows how to use a saw, glazier and chisel will be able to install it. But I do not recommend you to install split-system. That is a difficult task, which requires special skills and expensive equipment. Set of tools which includes bores, service station, devices for cutting, bending and bonding of the tubing costs several thousands dollars. And if you will make all these operations with what is under the hands - your split-system's lot will be predetermined. There is only one chance among the hundred that a conditioner will operate when such an installation.

While conditioner's installation all my interior has been spoiled by a plastic box in which some wires and tubes are included. Can I correct the situation by any way?

- Yes, you can. It is better to make a hole in a wall and to wall up all these things into a plaster. (Just by this reason conditioner should be bought while a repair is not done yet). If this is not possible you can change a box on another one, more attractive.

I've heard that while installation of a split-system I should bore an external wall of a house. Tell me, please, whether it will blow through it or not?

No it won't. If professionals are making installation, they will provide safe heat insulation thanks to a huge amount of various pressurizes.

I am leaving for a new flat. Tell me, please, whether it is possible to install my conditioner on a new place and how much will it cost?

- Yes, it is possible. Address the company, which have installed you conditioner. And you will have to pay only for an installation and reinstallation, as they can use once again the biggest part of components.

My relationships with the neighbors are not quite well, as they consider me to be a "new Russian" and a "bourgeois". They wish to bring an action against me as they think that my split-system disturbs their sleeping. Tell me, please, whether there are any engineering standards, which limit utilization of air conditioners in the flats?

- If your conditioner operates well you have nothing to worry about. Noise, produced by outside block of split-system is about 40-55 decibels as usual. And the maximum acceptable level, established for the habitable buildings is 60 decibels.

When you pass along the building, which is full of conditioners something is dropping from above. What kind of liquid is it and whether it is dangerous for the passer-bye's health?

- There is no reason to worry about - this is the ordinary distilled water, which is extracted from the air by a conditioner. It is approximate to a rain water and is absolutely harmless. Nevertheless it is not polite. At last, to take out the drainage on the heads of the passer-byes - a serious erecting company will never do this.

Tell me, please, what is it a "Sleep mode" and what for do we need it?

- A man likes to go to bed and to awake in warm and to sleep in cool. This dream is realized by "sleep mode' or in other words "timer of sleep". If you must awake at seven o'clock, you put your timer at half past six and switch on "Sleep mode". Conditioner is lowing the temperature gradually for 2 degrees in comparison with the settled temperature on the remote-control station (comfortable for a vigil) and during the whole night it is kept on the given level. At that, in order to low the noise the fan of inside block is operating on the small swiftness. Then in a given period conditioner is switching off and the temperature is starting to rise.