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    Mobile air conditioners

    Mobile air conditioners can be parted into two groups. First of all that is mobile monoblocks, connected with a street by a flexible corrupted hose. Usually it is moved out in a window leaf, opened window or in a door. But through this chink a warmed air from the street is falling easily and that is why some proprietors are making special corks in window-frames. When taking them out it is possible to move out a hose, through which a warmed air is moving out. In winter the corks are closed and mobile conditioner is operating as a usual heat fan.

    Mobile split-systems, which have both inside and outside units are arranged in another way. They are connected by a flexible hose between themselves in which freon tubes and electronic communications are situated. An operation of such conditioner practically does not differ from an operation of the ordinary split-system, except the fact that mobile conditioner does not demand installation.

    While choosing mobile conditioner one should pay special attention to the following.

    1. As in any mobile conditioner compressor is situated inside the premise, its noise characteristics are close to the indices of outside unit of ordinary split-systems and manufactures are showing the exact values of this magnitude unwillingly. That is why while purchasing you should obligatory test a device at the maximum fan speed.
    2. Clear up the volume of condensate tank (of mobile monoblocks) beforehand. If it is too small, you will have to pour out the water each two-three hours.
    3. You should pay attention to the dimensions and weight of a conditioner, as it influences its main advantage - mobility.